Research Links

There are MILLIONS of pages on the Internet. It can be a real chore to find the site or specific page that suits your needs. The links on this page, however, will lead you to sites that we have found very helpful and interesting. We’ve divided them into two categories:

Note: If you know of a great site for any of these categories, and we don’t have it listed here, please tell us about it. Just write to us at contact@thewritesource.com

Homework Help

Here are a few sites for finding help with your homework. Some of these work differently than others, so be sure to read the instructions for each site.

Also keep in mind that for those sites that answer questions, the speed and quality of the reply depends directly on the clarity of your question.

School Bell at Yahooligans

This one provides links to help in a number of subjects.

Info Please Homework Help

We’ve added this site as a result of one of your suggestions!

Internet Public Library

This is a public library of and for the Internet community.

Quiz Hub

This is an interactive learning site for elementary and middle school kids.

High School Ace

Here’s a portal to online academic resources for high school students.

Search Engines

Search engines are on-line services that allow you to search for data on the Internet. You type in “keywords” for a specific subject that you want information about, and the search engine lists Web sites that match your request. Many search sites also organize their listings by headings and subheadings so you can browse through them to find an appropriate resource. If you want to be thorough, it’s a good idea to visit more than one search site when you’re doing research.

The sites listed below are not the only ones you can find on the Internet, but this list is a good place to start.


This search engine offers categories to search for newsgroups and images in addition to broader Web searches. It also offers the option to go directly to its first match for your inquiry.


WebCrawler is less extensive in its listings and capabilities than some others, but for that reason it can be a great place for beginners to start a search.


Vivísimo organizes search results into categories instead of one long list.


When you conduct a search on Excite! each result is accompanied by a “More Like This” option, allowing you to immediately view a list of similar Web pages.


Ask.com is easy to use, and it has a kid’s section where the user can type in a question.


This search engine lets you phrase your search request as a question, or as a list of words.


This is a meta-search engine—that is, it searches a number of other prominent search engines simultaneously.


Yahoo! provides many other services besides searches, including a kids’ area called Yahooligans!