Grade 9 Prompts

WS Freshman Survival (Expository)

The principal has asked for student essays for next year’s “Freshman Survival Guide.” Write an article that compares and contrasts eighth grade with ninth grade. Focus on providing information and particular details to help new freshmen adjust to ninth grade.

WS What is a Friend? (Expository)

“That’s what friends are for.” Most people know the word “friend,” but everyone has a different idea of what makes a friend. Write an essay that defines the word “friend” and include clear examples and anecdotes to explain your definition.

WS Heroes (Expository)

Your school newspaper is printing a series of articles about heroes and heroines. Write about someone who is a hero or heroine to you. That person may be someone you know or someone you have read about or seen on television. Explain in particular detail why you believe this person is heroic.

WS Best Activity (Expository)

Everyone is good at some activity in school. Where do you shine? Write an essay that explains why it is good for a person to play a competitive sport, participate in musical performances, belong to a school organization, or otherwise excel at something in school. Include specific examples and details in your explanation.

WS Experience (Narrative)

“Experience is the best teacher.” In a personal narrative, share a specific time in your life that illustrates this quotation. Make sure to tell what you learned from the experience.

WS Helping Others (Narrative)

“Help yourself by helping others.” Share a personal experience that illustrates this quotation. Develop your narrative by using sensory details and events from your own life.

WS Today in School . . . (Narrative)

In an article for your school newspaper, share your most meaningful school-related experience from the past year. Make the experience come alive with vivid details and dialogue.

WS Save Art (Persuasive)

The school board has decided to eliminate the school art program because of budget constraints. Write a letter arguing for or against the school board’s decision. Use particular examples to support your argument.

WS Movie Choice (Persuasive)

As a class project, your English teacher wants to view and analyze a current movie. In preparation for this unit, she would like students to recommend a movie to study. Using specific reasons and details, write an e-mail that convinces your teacher to use the movie of your choice.

WS Assemblies (Persuasive)

Your principal has reduced the number of school assemblies for the year. The school newspaper editor wants you to write about the decision. Write an editorial either defending the decision or urging the principal to reconsider. Use specific reasons and examples in your argument.